Friday, June 19, 2009

Water matters, sorta, and others

My friend Mike the Pilot has written a guest piece in the Vicad on the Water Safari … you can read it here. It is entertaining and I can hear his voice in the writing. He's told us most of the stories in the column as we sat out in the front yard drinking coffee or wine, depending on the time of day.
Thursday we ran over to Tivoli and bought some veggies from the estimable Frank Pagel, who runs a stand on his farm between the river and Tivoli. He has some tomatoes, variety Tycoon, grown from Israeli seed, that are really great. We also got some melons, peppers, and nice prepared stuff that they have put up by Picklesmith in Taft. Frank is on the board of the GBRA and always has something interesting to say on the water situation in Texas. We agree that San Antonio is in trouble.
Enjoyed, as always the Friday-evening thumbsucker shows on PBS. On McLaughlin Report, Pat and Eleanor actually agreed on the efficacy of BHO's actions regarding the Iranian election. Amazing.
The Iranians are out in the street chanting. The chants I remember are 'Marg bar Carter … Marg bar Shah,' the 'marg bar …' part being 'death to ____.' The Shah was our creature, and the Iranian people despised him. Need to keep that in mind when we're wondering why they do so dislike the government of the U.S.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

I too am seeing shades of '79, what with the recession, gas situation, demoncrat in the WH, and the instability in Iran (although it's never been really stable). I remember back then my parents bought the funniest bumper sticker but never put it on the car. We kept it up on the wall in the house (don't ask). It said, "Ayatollah, kiss my assaholla", and anyone who came in wanted one like it. I still have that sticker in a box of nostalgia in the closet; I think it needs to be uncloseted. Just as appropriate today, don't you think? Too bad the music isn't as great as it was in '79. Who woulda thunk I'd ever feel nostalgic over those years?