Monday, June 8, 2009

See what happens when you leave town?

We went up to San Antonio Friday to see friends and kin. Had a fine time, ate a great meal at La Frite, a Belgian bistro on South Alamo, visited with loved ones, and enjoyed San Antonio, the best big city in Texas.
When we got home, we learned that we had missed a bizarre (Did you know that 'bizarre' is a word of Basque origin? … Hardly got any of those in English) event. Seems that our neighbors were walking down on the bayfront when a mid-teens male shucked his britches and danced around. The miscreant fled and was not apprehended by officers. Never a dull moment here in **Adrift. Kid's lucky he didn't do his little dance in front of a licensed bearer of a firearm and get hisself shot. All are very curious to know who he was. I can't imagine that a local would commit such foolishness.

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