Monday, June 15, 2009

Great canoe race

The winning boat came in at 7:23 this morning. If I'd been a little quicker off the coffee I would've seen them come in. The winner is the boat full of Belizans and Mynars, the customary favorites in the race. One time they came in and almost immediately started playing soccer. They are really conditioned and tough.
The second boat came in while I was down at the bayfront. As I am no longer reporting, I didn't note the number of the place boat. (I would wager that the guy on the back, a blazing redhead, suffers from sun.)

Late notes: Drove past at 1 p.m., and there was one more boat up on the bank. When we came back around 6, we found three beyond that, so there was a total of six boats in by early evening Monday. Usually, there are a couple dozen boats lined up by that time. Rough year for paddling.
Later notes: Then at midnight I counted only eight boats but didn't look at the check-in sheet. There may have been more. There were a couple of lights way out on the bay that could have been incoming boats. Slow year, fer sher.

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