Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Lookie here at Quαntcast's counts on Vicad Web site clicks.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Hmmmm, indeed. This is a most interesting site, Mr. Loon. Do you find it curious, as do I, that, according to these statistics, weekly visits, people, and page views are all down when compared to the previous period (here, I assume they mean the previous week, although it is a little unclear to me). What I find most telling is that if you view the graph of daily page-views per person, May 28-June 8, those numbers are down farily sharply. This tells me that in addition to less people visiting the VicAd web site, those people visiting are finding less of interest to look at. Not surprising to me. I think most people, from the current state of the VicAd web site, go to their site to miss and poan on the forums and display all sorts of brute nastiness. The forums as well as the blogs have become a free-for-all, and now the VicAd, according to the Quantcast website, is starting to reap what they have sown. Thank you SO MUCH for this link.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Want another hmmmmm....? Try comparing VicAd's statistics to those of the Houston Chronicle (which has far more complete data)....now you've got me hooked on this site, Mr. Loon.

The Loon said...

i thought it was pretty interesting. Check from time to time; things change.