Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thanks, SC

Well, the state of South Carolina has certainly provided us with some amusement of late. Gov. Mark Sanford was supposedly off hiking on the Appalachian Trail, and then he wasn't; he was off in Buenos Aires instead. Tha's cool – Buenos Aires has many attractive things, including for Sanford a little trick. Remember Fanne Foxe, the Argentine Firecracker, who put pore ol Wilbur Mills into the soup? You remember the NYTimes financial writer with the Argentine wife whose mad-dog spending habits put him into the soup a few weeks back? Guess Sanford found one of those chicks. Anyhow, we are all grateful for Rs displaying D tendencies in their screw-ups. It's quite refreshing.
Sanford, 49, spoke at a news conference today in Columbia after returning from a seven-day disappearance from the state. He said he has been involved with a person from Argentina.

Despite the nice weasel of 'a person from Argentina,' it was apparently a girl he was fooling around with, so, improving in a way the reputation of R politicians.
And then there's Sen Lindsey Graham, R-SC, who comes over as remarkably pissybitchy in his TV appearances. So, from a 2007 article in the Charleston City Paper, "Is Lindsey Graham gay?
At 52, the life-long bachelor has been fodder for such rumors for years …" Read it all here. Gotta tickle to find mean R pols who swing from the other side of the plate.

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