Sunday, June 14, 2009

& Sunday

The Vicad editor had a printed blog post today telling us what a nervy, edgy kinda guy he is – he had a musician stay in his house during Bach Fest. A nice thing perhaps, but not particularly courageous. His guest was, after all, a classical musician. I once knew a guy who caught clap from a violinist in the Corpus Christi orchestra, but generally classical musicians don't strike me as dangerous sorts. Nothing like, say, rock drummers.
I've known musicians who would have made iffy house guests. Some you wouldn't want to leave alone with the silver, and you clearly wouldn't want them to have your credit card numbers. Most of them you wouldn't want to let into the bathroom alone. They will rifle through the meds looking for goodies. But even with musicians like these, you aren't risking a whole lot. Our editor simply hasn't done enough crazy things to understand what a crazy thing is.
Our little mothers, guests for the weekend, brought along two kids, one a few months old, the other a cranked-up one-year-old.

Here you have a photo of the equipment they brought for a weekend. I've moved from one apartment to another with less baggage. The mommies and the babies, even though oversupplied, were a lot of fun.


Sugar Magnolia said...

I know you enjoyed having those little ones over. THAT is my idea of living dangerously. I probably couldn't survive a weekend with wee ones running, crawling, or otherwise perambulating about. My grandpa was a musician, of the Texas swing variety, around and about Houston and other scattered parts. He played with Pappy Selph and the Blue Ridge Playboys, and picked a mean gee-tar. THOSE were some rowdy boys at times, even in their 50s and 60s. Cobler couldn't have even handled them, I daresay. What some people will brag about.....

The Loon said...

The kids were a lot of fun, but exhausting. Both tend to redheadedness and have the genes to achieve that state. That's cool … redheads make me grin because they always look sly to me. I suggested that we can call them Booger Red [Lily Jane] and Garrett the Carrot [little Garrett Ryals]. Mommy enthusiasm was, you might say, a little subdued, especially for Booger Red. Even grandmommy enthusiasm wasn't all it could have been for such a useful suggestion.