Tuesday, June 9, 2009

From faraway papers

Wow, a Los Angeles female detective has been arrested in a case 25 years cold, tripped up by DNA evidence. She is accused of doing in a romantic rival. The decedent's father had tried to get investigators at the time to look at the female cop:
After Sherri Rae Rasmussen was beaten and shot to death in 1986, her father urged Los Angeles police to investigate a fellow officer who had had confrontations with his daughter in the months leading up to her death, according to attorneys for the victim's family.
Like a Michael Connelly plot. The cop was arrested Friday on a capital murder charge. Read it all here.
And from Abilene Reporter-News: "San Angelo mayor quits from Mexico, cites gay Mexican partner as reason"
The lede:
SAN ANGELO -- A day after he was to be sworn in for his fourth term as mayor, J.W. Lown resigned the position to pursue a personal relationship.
Read all of this one here. West Texas has changed some since I was a kid.

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