Friday, June 5, 2009

Pay your support, Thomas

My wife has been chasing ancient forebears over in eastern Kentucky and found a funny entry in the 17 August 1835 (Western Kentucky court minutes:
Jeremiah Rucker produced a commission from the Governor of this Commonwealth appointing him Sheriff for this County.
Report of settlement with the administrator of the estate of Nathaniel Nichols dec’d and administrator of the estate of E.H. Clifton approved and ordered to be recorded.
On motion of Charity Lane, ordered that a summons be awarded her against Thomas Anderson, John W. Simpson and John Whitnel to shew cause why Judgment should not be rendered against them in favor of Charity for the balance due her on the Bond executed by Anderson and Simpson and Whitnel as his securities for the support of a Bastard child begotten by Anderson on the body of Charity Lane.

They may have been on to something back there for financing destitute mommies. Is Charity Lane not still a likely name for a girl in these straits? Sounds like an Austin topless dancer's nom de pole.

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