Monday, June 22, 2009

California … too big to fail, too crazy to succeed?

Amidst all the chaos and catastrophe, we could easily lose sight of the fact that California is doing a high-speed stumble toward bankruptcy or something. I'd say let 'em crash but would bet my money that they'll get the bucks when it gets down to it. Money and markets blog guy writes:
Washington and Wall Street seem to be treating California as if it were a sideshow in the financial circus of these turbulent times.
It’s not.
California is home to the largest manufacturing belt in the United States and to Silicon Valley, the nation’s largest high-tech center.

You can read all his thought here.
Noodling around, I found a site somewhere that had a picture of a guy holding up a sign in Spanish demanding free child-care for everybody. They don't seem to get it out there that it is a poor evolutionary strategy for a parasite to destroy its host. You can't support a 10-pound tapeworm in a 20-pound dog. The dog will starve to death, and then so will the tapeworm.
And the San Francisco prosecuting attorney is running for the state AG. She has a little baggage that would scotch her hopes elsewhere, maybe even get her recalled or diselected, or maybe shot by an irate constituent who'd lost kin to one of her pet felons. Of course in California the citizens are discouraged from having guns. From the LATimes:
As she runs for state attorney general, prosecutor Kamala Harris faces questions over a program that trained illegal immigrant drug felons for jobs, kept them out of jail and expunged their records.

You can read that whole sorry story here. That place is really a mess, innit?

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