Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday night miscellany

So, there I was, noodling around on the south end of a list of transferred favorites when I noticed this site, featuring horses singing doowop. Click on various animals and put together the sound that pleases.
We went down to the bayfront this morning to cheer on the Kenneth Reese tin-boat racing team, but the start turned into a coastal deal slow to happen, so we came home and merely thought positive thoughts for Team Reese. The actual Reese grandchildren dropped out as racers in what Kenneth characterized as 'the fingernails issue.' That arose from one of the granddaughters being afraid that she would break her nails if she raced. Kenneth said that they had found Bayrat kids to drive the boats and opined that they would make more fearless competitors. What happened to the replacements I don't know, nor do I know who won. Lowe's contributed quite a bunch of boats for kids to race, but they didn't look as sleek and seaworthy as the Reese-designed craft.
Then we went back in the evening to catch Miss Bayrat, the drag beauty contest that is usually really funny. It was slated for 6:30, but when we got there, they were doing karaoke contest and had three more singers to go. Couldn't abide it, so we also came home without achieving the desired end. Possession of a karaoke setup should be an A Class misdemeanor at least.
The food was great, as usual. I supped Friday on gumbo, a brisket taco, and a big iced tea. As proof of my serious devotion to health and fitness, I would point out that I usually have a third course. Or perhaps my usual third course didn't show up this year. Late tomorrow, or more likely well into Monday morning, the racers in the Texas Water Safari will come in. Low water is gonna likely make a slow race.


Anonymous said...

Team Reese made put up a good showing during the 2009 Shrimpfest Tin Boat Race competition 10/11 year old division (10 competitors) – Ol’ Bayrat paddled by Grant Gray led for the entire 200 yard race and won first place. Ol’ Bayrat Too paddled by Seth Bubenik carried 2nd place up to the half way point until a large wave got in the boat with him. Seth dumped the boat, climbed back in and still managed a third place finish. The bayrat boys had big Shrimpfest smiles at the end of the race.

The Loon said...

All hail Reese boats and Team Reese!