Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More bad ideas

One hears some of late about the gummint somehow stepping in on the imminent foreclosure of about a kajillion houses and making sure people don't get put out on the street. The problem with this idea is that those people probably should be put out of their houses. There have been all these heart-breaking stories in the goo-gooier papers about home-healthcare providers and janitors who are going to lose their $500,000 houses and be robbed of their American Dream, with some undertone there that we owe it to those people to take them off the hook and keep them in those houses. My American Dream doesn't include paying taxes to keep people in houses they never should have bought in the first place. Don't wanna be ugly here, but I don't have a half-million-dollar house and don't wish to pay for some other soul's big ol' house. There seems to be other predictable and justified resistance to this idea.
SEATTLE — As the Bush administration and Congress consider proposals to ease the home foreclosure crisis, local governments across the country have been lending money to imperiled homeowners and confronting some opposition.
Some of these municipal and state efforts have met resistance from people who consider the assistance undeserved and adamantly oppose anything that resembles a taxpayer bailout.

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