Sunday, February 17, 2008

Cuts at NYTimes

A story in the New York Times on Friday reports that that paper will cut editorial-side jobs. This is tragic.
After years of resisting the newsroom cuts that have hit most of the industry, The New York Times will bow to growing financial strain and eliminate about 100 newsroom jobs this year, the executive editor said Thursday.

Read it all here. Annoying though the Times can be, given its frank bias that slops over into news stories, it's still the newspaper of record for the U.S. and the one that's out there covering everything important in this country. Any cut in staff is a loss for the entire country. Beneath this story was another that read that the LATimes had just named the fourth top editor in three years. The last editor quit to protest staff cuts. The greedheads who are pushing papers for more money have no respect for the proper mission of the press.

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