Thursday, February 28, 2008

Just put that on my tab

The gummint is going to give us some sum of money -- a thousand or twelve hundred dollars -- which is OK, I guess. The bad news is that they're going to borrow it to give it to us and then make us pay for it. All in all, I'd just as soon skip the whole process. Mad-dog wastrel Shrub has put us in a terrible hole of unknown depth with his stupid invasion of Iraq and his irresponsible tax cuts. A guy who knows from economics writes it up in the McClatchy papers:
Coming up on the fifth anniversary of the invasion, a Nobel laureate now estimates that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are costing America more than $3 trillion.

Read all that bad news here. And to think, th fratboy-in-chief told the more gullible sectors of the public that we would just finance the whole thing off the oil that we'd steal from those whom we have invaded. I still think we maybe oughta go on and impeach him to keep him out of mischief these last few months before the nation is delivered up.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Sorry to use this posting for this little snippet that is unrelated, but I tried your email through google, and it gave me some nonsense that microsoft outlook is no longer for use with hotmail, or some such gibberish. I just wanted you to get a load of what is wrong with the VicAd in a nutshell...get a load of this blog posting by one of their illustrious make such a sweeping and WRONG statement is mind-boggling. You might also be interested in my response to the little man, as I call him out for such a blatant error. Hope you enjoy and are not as INFURIATED as I was....find it here:

The Loon said...

Hey Shug - Try me at or in the future. I dunno why the mail wouldn't work from this blog. Poor Advocate is a most distressing publication these days.