Tuesday, February 19, 2008


A recent refinery explosion in Big Spring will give ammunition to those who insist they have cheap gas but build that stuff over there, not in my backyard. A friend who's from out there writes,
... My aunt and uncle live just across the wasteland to the east of the refinery - about a mile, I would guess. It blew cabinet doors open. A cousin and his wife live a half mile due south of the refinery. Blew three doors out of their casings! Doors were dead-bolted! Shattered a sliding glass door. Another cousin living in San Angelo heard the explosion.

A story in the Big Spring Herald reads, "Despite hopes to the contrary, Congressman Randy Neugebauer said today the explosion at the Big Spring Refinery could send gas prices soaring." The Herald has a 38-photo slide show that's worth a look here.

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