Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Blah blah blah

Oil closed above $100/bbl on Tuesday for the first time. The OPECers are gonna meet in a couple weeks, and there’s a good chance they’ll cut production, which should drive the price even higher. Just watched a little piece on the public TV station about how inflation’s up, as if you didn't know that from going to the store; the dollar is the peso of the First World, and George Bush is still president, though that part, at least, won't go on forever. I don't feel as relieved as I would like when I contemplate the possibilities for the next president. We might oughta impeach Shrub in a hurry to forestall last-minute mischief such as more invasions or attacks.
Algeria's oil minister Chakib Khelil, who chairs Opec, told Reuters: "Production is not going to increase. It will either decrease or be stable."

To read the entire oil piece in the UK's Guardian, go here.

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