Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day misc.

Looks like Louisiana came out better than it appeared it would. You gotta feel that NO will necessarily disappear anyhow as nature makes it ever more untenable.
We purport to honor working people today. I think the American working class is in a worse place than it has been since the Great Depression and little prospect of digging out. The oligarchs always did despise seeing those nasty proles getting all that prosperity that should have been going to them, the oligarchs. The policy of the government since Ronnie Raygun took office has been to move as much power and money to the hands of the richest and their surrogates, the corps. The Wall-Street-Journal Rs with their globalization and trade treaties and open border enthusiasms and the drooling goo-goo wing of the Ds with their contempt for white working people have managed a thorough rape of a working class that was once the best in the world – skilled, productive, and industrious. The Rs still work themselves up to rants about the dangers of a unionized working class, even as union membership disappears in everything but public-sector employees. It's time for the 21st-Century version of the IWW to show up and start organizing.

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