Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gnats and camels

I'm not in any way a Republican, but there's something going on here lately that annoys me a bunch about the Ds. Since McCain chose the questionably qualified guv of Alaska as his VP, the machine has cranked up on her. One of the deals has been a 20-year-old DUI conviction for her husband. The guy's a commercial fisherman fah Crissake ... of course he gets drunk now and then. Be stranger if he didn't. My village is full of guys in white boots – a.k.a. Seadrift ropers – riding bicycles. It may be that these guys are simply very environmentally conscious or can't afford cars, but my usual assumption is that they've lost their licenses. Thing is, a few days ago, the Dems worked themselves into a purple froth over Sen. Teddy Kennedy, a pussle-gutted wet brain and a lifelong cheat, chiseler, trimmer, and coward. If he were named Teddy Gogarty, he'd be tending bar in South Boston, and he wouldn't be able to vote because he'd have a felony conviction for that stunt in the summer of '69. Not defending Palin's drunk driving, but it was a long time ago, apparently he hasn't repeated, and you gotta take care of that beam in your own eye before you get too interested in the mote in the other guy's eye.

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