Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Travails of the Vicad

Well, the Advocate added another chapter this morning to their interminable series of stories about people who do grievously dumbutt things, incur consequences, and then call the Advocate to complain about their fates – people who go nuts in a school administrator's office and get in trouble, people who call police and then make things difficult for them, a woman who complained about impound fees on her van that turns out to be evidence in a murder case wherein she is the accused. These unhappy people call an Advocate reporter and get their story in the paper. Story today was something about people whose loose dogs got hit by a car and hurt. Their desired resolution seemed to be that the cop who hit the dogs owed the irresponsible pet owners some kind of reparations. It ends up making the paper look dumb dumb dumb to appear to take the side of the clowns who call in with stories like this.*
Then when I made a routine check of writer jobs on, I see an ad for a sports editor and for a sports copy editor-page designer job for the Vicad. What this means is that Coy Slavik, who's been more than a quarter century at the Vicad, has quit. They'll miss him, as he has run a good department. That loss plus the other resignation, the copy editor, leaves them short-handed on the very brink of high-school football. Poor Advocate ...
Then Sunday saw the fifth installment of the series on the immigrant deaths five years ago. It may get to be like the Super Bowl – Fatal Funnel Installment 5 – or maybe rate Roman numerals: FF-XVII someday. There must be some particular contest they're aiming at with this thing, as I'm sure nobody is calling in demanding more stories about the incident.
*Apparently it was the neighbors who first called the paper. I didn't read it with much attention.

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Anonymous said...

They are going to look like the Calhoun High Journalism Club, with Chris as the teacher in charge, if they keep it up.....
pilot(can't figure this damn blogger login thing out - just don't use it enough, or I really am an "old fart"