Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ohhh dear, what can the matter be?

The moronic fratboy who sits in the big chair in Deecee crawled out from under his rock last night to tell us we really really really need to back that money truck up to Wall Street and start unloading right now, no dawdling lest the Republic fall. They've sunk the Maine, attacked our ships in Tonkin Harbor, and have weapons of mass destruction that can only be stopped by giving Hank P sole authority over $700b, no partial payments, please, and no restrictions. Remember how we got the wicked Patriot Act? We can wait a few days to get clear on this welfare-for-Wall-Street deal. NYT story tells that congress members are getting buried under constituent communications, almost all against this bill. This might be the kind of congressional vote that a constituent will remember for more than a couple of weeks, maybe even until the next election.

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