Friday, September 12, 2008


Looks like we did the smart thing by bailing yesterday. We ran west to Tx123 and followed it up through Stockdale and Seguin and like that to San Marcos. There was a little traffic fleeing the storm, pulling boats and laden with possessions, but very little. Rita was such a traumatic escape trip that we were twice shy this time. Austin is starting to fill up; the news has interviews with unhappy refugees in local schools, and we saw many buses this morning. Otherwise, we've acted like we were here to have a good time ... enjoyed the company of our hosts and shopped like yuppies this morning. We are watching the Weather Channel constantly and hoping the water doesn't get too high at home and that electricity stays on so we can go home Sunday and unboard. Hope all is well with friends up the coast.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

Well by the time of this writing, I see that the lower Texas Gulf Coast has escaped the brunt of another deadly hurricane. I am glad for us and for you, Mr. Loon. I hope there was no damage done to your area. Us here around Yoakum way got only mild winds and no rain yet to speak of. I was supposed to fly out of Houston Sunday, but of course that has now been cancelled. Oh well, such is life. All my relatives and most friends live in the Houston area, and have lost power and some carport tin and trees, but as far as I know everyone I have talked to is safe and unharmed. That is what really matters. Now that I know my loved ones are okay, I can mourn the damage to my beautiful hometown and that gorgeous island that did not deserve another whammy like 108 years ago. I just thank the stars it wasn't near that great storm's magnitude, as it could have been far worse.