Monday, September 8, 2008

No like Ike

Well, here we go again, watching another hurricane out there in the east. Most of the models seem to have the thing arriving at my street corner sometime Saturday. I'm not frantic yet, as we've seen so many turn off, especially this far out, but I will start to get frantic about Wednesday if things don't alter. My favorite possible track is one that puts it coming ashore somewhere about Soto la Marina, Tamps., down south of Matamoros. Next best would be somewhere in the King Ranch. Not that I'm mad at Santa Gertrudis cows or Mexican fishermen, but those are the least populated areas in the projected strike area. I did the Rita evacuation and am not eager to repeat the thoroughly miserable experience. Fortunately, friends in Austin have offered sanctuary at their house should things come to the worst possible end. Sensibly a coastal resident knows that the Big One will happen – it's been a long time since Carla – but not now, please.

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