Sunday, August 31, 2008

Drinking Blue Ruin &c

The only time we ever drink gin is when our Austin friends come to visit. I bought a pint of the cheap stuff Thursday and pitched it into the freezer, the secret to making gin palatable. We had gin & tonics out of jelly-jar glasses and then vinho and vino when we ate both shrimp and beefsteak. They are good guests, requiring mostly enough light to read and a certain amount of food, but little maintenance otherwise. They even took away a small damncat we've been trying to place.
Looks like New Orleans may be finished, but maybe tomorrow evening they'll be gloating and saying they dodged a bullet. I suspect the city will survive as a kinda theme park New Orleans in the Quarter and the casino district on Canal down by the river and the rest will end up abandoned for residential living. I remember going on to a Missippian friend about what a cool place NOLA was, and his response was yeah, maybe, but for him it was the place his high-school classmates went to become whores and junkies. For the Port of New Orleans things are problematic, as a lot of commerce moves through there, farm commodities from the Midwest and such, given that the Mississippi meets the salt water there. Price of oil has jumped on the weekend markets as many offshore rigs are abandoned, and gasoline should be doing a jump this week.

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