Thursday, September 4, 2008

OMG, as the kids write

The DJIA dropped some 340-odd points today. The people who always have the nifty explanations about why the stock market does this or that had no explanation about why it dropped. I have a theory: People looked around this morning and understood that the Rs have nominated a guy promising a continuation of the catastrophic policies of the last eight years, the Ds have nominated a guy who gives great speeches but is worrisomely opaque in some way, so then the thought came that that money might be better off in a Folger's can out in the back yard. Everwho gets to be president will have some really thorny problems to work through.
Friend of mine, a lady of some mother wit, lived in Alaska and knows one of the principals on the other side of Sarah Palin's little war with the state police. My friend swears her friend is totally reliable and Palin's behaving badly. Plus, the Alaska press roughs her up, and they tend to have a pretty good take on people. I'm sorry she's bogus, as she is a breath of fresh air in a lot of ways.
Then, Doofus Dick Cheney talking about bringing Georgia into NATO is just the thing to irritate the Russians just when they're feeling tetchy. How would we like it if Russia were forming military alliances with Mexico?
I wish this election were over ...

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