Monday, September 7, 2009

Why we had to step carefully

Our floor has been full of small, scurrying, noisy creatures all weekend. Entertaining but exhausting.
Another Labor Day and a worse one for working people than we've had in quite a time. Official unemployment is almost 10% and with the underlying underemployed, discouraged, &c. is probably more like 15% or 16%. As a symptom of the times, I read a lot of econ blogs and discussions of the situation. It seems like a certain sort of begrudging pinhead can be calm about multi-million dollar bonuses for Wall Street types but get their knickers all in a twist because a few thousands of auto workers managed to make very good livings. Relax, folks, it's all over. The only unions with any prospects these are the government employees, and they seem to me bogus unions for a bunch of petite-bourgeois clerks and functionaries. Reagan's war on the working class is a complete rout in the favor of the big bucks, the rent-seekers, and the low-wage employers. We once had about the best proletariat in the world – intelligent, industrious, and ingenious. People now can't even sort out the difference between lumpers and real working people.

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