Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poor picked-on Kennedys

Well, some dastard of a journalist dares to question the drool about the purported oppression of the Kennedy forebears in Boston.
A Kennedy is dead: reach for the RTE cliché-bag, darling, revealing once again the national addiction for a tale of oppression.
So the usual journalistic, self-pitying fatuities have been freely pitch-forked over our airwaves, starting with the founding father of the Kennedys, Patrick -- "one of our own" (yawn, yawn) -- "fleeing poverty and famine on a coffin-ship". Only he didn't. Patrick's father was a prosperous grain farmer with 80 acres near New Ross, where there was no blight, and Patrick emigrated on a normal transatlantic vessel.

The author's name is Kevin Myers. His paper? The Irish Independent in Dublin. Read it all here. Everyone, Kennedy enthusiast or no, should read Seymour Hersh's book on the family. It'll get you over the mooshy ideas about the clan.

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