Saturday, September 5, 2009

Coastal languor

We have The Girl down for the holiday, plus the Excellent Grandbaby, a very paragon of a baby, and a thoroughly charming 8-year-old boy who was a bonus from The Girl's marriage. He's full of vim and vigor, but the rest of us are mostly given over to languor, long naps, slow walks, and generally enjoyment of the slight break in the beastly heat. Tonight we had the classic coastal dinner – a big Cajun boil, with corn-on-the-cob, little potatoes, Janak's sausage, and two pounds of nice brown shrimp. To our credit, we ate every bite and then tamped it down with some very good watermelon, maybe the best we've had this year. Everyone is now ticking over at about 1,000rpm, even the disgustingly energetic boy, who went beachcombing this morning and fishing this afternoon. Even caught a little croaker, making the fishing expedition a success for him. For all of us, an almost perfect day in a very low-key way. Even the dogs have worn each other out.


Kari said...

My dictionary says a croaker is "an animal or fish that makes a deep, hoarse sound." Was yours animal or fish and did it make a deep, hoarse sound, and if so, what, exactly, did it say? Just wondering.

The Loon said...

Only said something slightly ribbety. The croaker is cousin to a drum, another fish that talks to you, but drummier, as you might imagine.