Thursday, September 17, 2009

Balking on the border

For years, it's been one of those things that everyone knows and nobody mentions that bordertown school districts end up educating a lot of students from Mexico who aren't legitimately resident in the district. Generally the offense is ignored for reasons of carnalismo or for the extra money the outsiders represent. The schools in Deming, NM, used to just invite in the kids from Palomas, Chih. That deal is probably off now, what's with Paloma having moved into the medium time for doper crime. When I was working in Cd Juárez, I'd sometimes pass a yellow EPISD bus letting students off at the downtown bridge so they could walk on home to Mexico. A nervy school supe in Del Rio is resisting, no doubt to the relief of Val Verde Co taxpayers. It costs several thousand a year to educate a kid. From a CNN story:
For years, children from Ciudad Acuna, Mexico, have attended schools across the border in Del Rio, Texas, but this week that changed for students who cannot prove residency.
The local school superintendent imposed new regulations to stem what he said is a long-standing problem for the district.

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