Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rebellions and defections

Well, the Pilot and the Advocate have parted ways. He is now operating as he damn well pleases at
And the estimable Sugar Magnolia has bolted along with him and has set up shop at She starts off with a nice shot in the chops of the Vicad. Both are entertaining and merit a visit. I have long since found the Advocate blogs insufferable, too many and too shrill.


UnrulyGurl said...

I'm oh so excited that Sugar Magnolia posted your link. I had lost track of you when the Advocate had switched formats. I followed your writing fairly regularly for awhile. If you don't remember me, I'm a New Mexican Native and who now lives in A-drift. I look forward to catching up on 2 years worth of blogs. Gee, where does the time go?

p.s. the green chile harvest is supposed to be strong this year.

The Loon said...

Two years is the blink of an eye these days. I'm glad you've found me again. Think I have maybe six regulars these days.
Wife brought a nice mess of roasted Hatch green chiles a couple weeks ago … got em at a Central Market in Austin, I think. I made a nice NM-style green chile stew w/pork and onions and potatoes. It was tasty and evocative.

Sugar Magnolia said...

I have been called many things in my time, Mr. Loon, but never "estimable". I blush. Thank you. Your support means a lot to me.

I think I would like to take cooking lessons from yourself and herself. Your writings always make me hungry. My fiber bar is not all that appetizing now, after reading of your stew. *SIGH*