Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is this your dog?

Well, it could be.
This tiny pup showed up in the **Adrift Post Office, apparently abandoned. He's obviously a Chihuahua x something-else mix, smart and companionable, not house-trained as yet, but his trangressive exudations are measurable in scant tablespoons and he'll learn. A prideful and unafraid little dog with a nice style to him. Herself took him for first puppy shots; vet says he weighs 3½ lbs, and his feet are tiny, so he's not gonna be one of those cute puppies that end up weighing 50 or 60 lbs. Interesting coat, almost like a calico cat. Drop a line on comments if you're interested. [We thought the vet tech was gonna take him, but it turns out her kid was frightened of him.]


Pilot said...

Ha! Imagine that.....another critter. I'm guessing that word on the street among the four leggers is that they all know exactly what time herself heads for the mailbox. Soon as a new pooch hits town, once they pass muster, the others just tell him where and when, and the rest is history. I'll keep my ears open for anyone in need of a pup.

The Loon said...

You remember how the hobos used to have signals they'd post to point out easy marks to other travelers? I think that's what's going on here. Something in the bush-marking that points out the chumps to the pups. It's a really cool little dog, crawls up on your shoulders and nibbles your ears.

Kerri said...

He looks exactly like our dog did when he was a puppy (well I suppose he still is a puppy, agter a year old). He has been the best dog we have.

If we wouldn't have rescused another little dog, we would come and get him. Besides, I think it has been a long, long time since Dustin and I have seen you.

Kari said...

Oh, I hope you find a home for him! I'm past the age for doggies, and even though cats are so much easier, I might be getting past the age for cats, too, when our little Boo goes to wherever we all go. But your lost doggie looks like a survivor ~ that type of walk in your photo is surely that of a cool strutter!

The Loon said...

Kerri – You could take him for a wedding present and have a matched set. Y'all are welcome anytime, even without taking a spare dog.
Kari – The pup'll be OK, as we're chumps for pups.

Sugar Magnolia said...

Mr. Loon - after much serious discussion with dad, we (meaning HE) decided we'd best not take in another animal right now. But let me tell you, I was ready to drive down there yesterday to snatch that little booger up. SO precious! Well, give him a hug and an extra treat for me, and take care of the little imp. He looks like he has quite a personality!

Paula said...

My cousin Mary just came over and I showed her the picture of your little doggie. She is interested however, she lives all the was in California. Have any idea how old he is?
Paula (Reese's cousin)

Paula said...

My cousin Mary just came over and I showed her a photo of the little doggie.

She'd like to get an idea how old he is and temperment. Do you think it would get along with a cat?

Let me know.
Paula (Reese's cousin)

The Loon said...

Shug – Don't wait for a dog on the line to come visiting, though I appreciate the thought.
Paula – It is a three-and-a-half-month old beast, very companionable [he'll come sit by yr feet while you mess with something], and engaged with the world around him. There's a menagerie of cats that gather on our porch to freeload, and the pup seems to do fine with them. He's gonna make a good little dog but has all that puppy energy. He can also hit a Chihuahua-countertenor C above High C but seldom does.
We have a decent lead on a widder woman that might be pleased with him, but who knows?