Thursday, September 24, 2009

I > U

That being one of the T-shirt mottoes available from Despairwear, a site I stumbled on this morning. The house specialty is an all-is-lost hipness that resonates in the Zeitgeist currently operative. They have a Venn-Euler diagram of the Twitter phenomenon that is laugh-out-loud funny. If I had any occasion to wear shirts with writing, I'd go to Despairware and pick up some grins.


Pilot said...

Grins???? I woke up the roommate laughing. I may require a few of these for my collection, most certainly as Christmas gifts.........for both of my friends.

Kari said...

I liked the Fe one, for Irony.

The Loon said...

K - Herself said that's because you are the only one of your triad who actually understood chemistry.
M - A couple of them made me snicker audibly, too.