Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why, oh why?

This ran in the Vicad this week. The understanding in typography used to be that size of type is considered to indicate relative importance of a word. Can you think of any reason that 'want' and 'happened' and 'again' have more significance than the other words in the headline? More likely, a graphics nitwit liked the weight of the words visually and gave no thought to meaning. Too many things go just to have graphic impact without adding to the understanding of the story. One piece this week on the Port of Victoria had pix of asphalt and rusty railroad tracks. Didn't clarify much for me. Just another reason that most graphics people should be taken out into the parking lot and given a hollowpoint round through the third cervical vertebra. Too many papers these days look like someone puked Technicolor confetti on the page.

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