Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What's news?

The NYTimes has a piece up on-line today about five people being killed in post-election rioting in Mongolia. OK. I guess Mongolia is important to us in some way, but the way escapes me right now. Meanwhile, in the World's Worst Newspaper, this:
Violence flared up again in Palomas, Mexico, on Monday afternoon when three men were gunned down in a mob-style street shooting as the wave of killings continue in the border region.

Plus, two other were shot, one plumb dead, in Cd. Juárez. Read it all here. To me, the specter of a failed state just across the street from the U.S. is of more import than unrest in Mongolia, but the Mexican chaos gets only scanty regional coverage. Only time it's caught national ink was when someone had murdered enough women to catch the eye of American feminists.

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