Sunday, July 20, 2008

A pilgrimage to Evilopolis

We're off today for some low-level culture-vultching ... the Houston Gilbert & Sullivan Society is putting on 'Yeomen of the Guard' this year, and we're going up to see it. It used to be a for-real joke in the newsroom that three instances of any phenomenon constituted a trend, which meant that some pinhead editor would ask for a story on the phenomenon. This is our third visit to the annual show, so it must be a trend. Despite my well-grounded suspicion that any trip away from the bay is fraught with the possibility for malign forces to slap me around, we have a good time. We go with a young couple of our acquaintance and they are good company, we eat a splendid Vietnamese meal before the matinee, and we get to pick up a SundayNYTimes, a thing now impossible to do in Victoria, where they've discontinued carrying them. It should be enough excitement to last the week.

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