Friday, July 11, 2008

Eat locally how?

There's an odd and interesting movement afoot that encourages people to eat only food produced within some proximity of home. Sixty miles is one figure I've seen. We'd be better off than most people, owing to the climate, the topography, and the fertility of the coast. However, herself was in San Antonio this week and went shopping at the wonderful Central Market on Broadway in Alamo Heights. In the produce section, every product was labelled as to its place of origin. She said the only Texas products were mustard greens, sweet onions, and Hill Country peaches ... all good things but inadequate to sustain life. The pears were from Argentina, green beans from Georgia, lots of stuff from Florida and from California. If energy prices forced more localized truck gardening, it wouldn't be at all a bad thing. Maybe we could get fruits and veggies selected for flavor rather than for their suitability for shipping.

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