Wednesday, July 2, 2008

News grumps

Vicad today has a P1 story, where passages read, "Brett Bonnell, 40, was found laying [blah blah blah]" and then, later on, "[blah blah blah] he was laying on a hill." Poor microcephs up there have become totally confused about lie-lay or maybe just totally indifferent to the distinction. What an embarrassment.
Then a headline in the NYT on-line read, "Fund manager / Who faked his / Own suicide / Surrenders." Seemed to me they could have omitted "his own," but maybe I'm a little dim today.
The Vicad keeps running house ads telling us how great the on-line stuff is, but according to, which monitors Web traffic, Advocate page views/viewer are down 23% against three months ago. Another year of that kind of progress and they'll have almost disappeared.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Can ya stand one more flub from the Vicad? In Thursday's paper, in outdoor news (whatever), a headline proclaimed the merits of the "Engless Summer Hydrangea". "OOH, a new species, how exciting!", thought I. NOT! Of course, they meant "Endless Summer", as in what the Beach Boys were searching for, so to my disappointment there is NOT a new hydrangea species with that intriguing "Engless" moniker. *SIGH*

The Loon said...

Yeah, I noticed that. I had 'A' section set aside to niggle about today because there were so many stupididitties in it but must have misplaced it. There will be more.