Thursday, July 24, 2008

Second-day hurricane results

Today we caught the backwash of Dolly. The bay was churning and the water was up within a foot and a half of the top of the seawall. The water is up into the parking lot by the boat launch on the corner and almost washing over the little pier at the west end of the bayfront park. The sky was threatening all day, but still I don't imagine we've had more than a couple inches of rain in the last couple of days.
The rains have the little herps all a-singing in the undergrowth and bring out my personal totem, the toad, to forage around by the porch. I admire toads because they work night shifts mostly, never rush much, and manage to get left alone by most of the world. We could all aspire to toadhood in an later incarnation as a higher being. There were six storm birds, more properly known as magnificent frigatebirds, hovering along the bayfront, just easing back and forth into air currents as required to get where they wanted to go or stay where they were. 'Magnificent' says it. I love to look up and spot that strange, angular silhouette against the sky, like some kind of mini-pterodactyl. Could never get all six in the viewfinder, but three were hanging close enough together to catch. All in all, a pretty satisfactory bit of weather. Hope it's the last we see of hurricanes this summer, but suspect it won't be.

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