Friday, July 4, 2008

It's true, I swear it

Was nosing around on some forum yesterday and saw the title 'Bozo dies.' My first thought was 'Oh hell ... that means Cheney is president for the next seven months.'
On yesterday's Vicad Page 1A, the first headline that fell under my eyes was 'Federal government give contradictory advise about Social Security numbers.' Unless the paper has adopted the British style of making government a plural – as, 'My government have instructed me to ... blah blah blah' – then, we have two pretty ugly errors in nine words.

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Paula said...

I HATED Bozo the Clown! I hate clowns to begin with but Chucko the clown (out of LA) was a sweet clown and he would spin the carousel on his hat and make a cartoon begin.