Thursday, July 31, 2008

The big he-rooster of our neighborhood

This big pretty boy has taken up residence in a little patch of cane on the next corner; he greets the day with a hearty 'cock-a-doodle-doo' -- or perhaps he speaks Spanish and it's 'qui-qui-ri-qui' -- and generally treats all passersby with a cocky disdain. Our pup, outweighing him by perhaps a factor of three, is interested but a little wary. That's probably smart, as the bird looks like he could hold his own against anything smaller than a stray jaguar. The Garden Goddess observes that his spurs are long and thick. I hope nothing happens to him, since he's so sleek and sure and handsome it would be a shame for him to get run over or incorporated into a stir fry.

1 comment:

Pilot said...

Heaven forbid he should fail to outrun a golf cart and buy the chicken farm, but should that be the case, toss him in the freezer for me. I want that outfit he's wearing. I could make a half dozeen fine headdresses and sell 'em to drunk Apaches next time I go skiing at Sierra Blanca.....
I actually noticed the guy around the corner from you last time I was down. Right striking critter, that one.