Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Then, look at this

Noodling around, I stumbled onto this site with pictures of typical facial types from all around Europe. You can look around the pix for people who look like kinfolks. I'd have to say that the people who look most like my Upland Southerner tribe were the folks we saw on the streets in Ireland. I expect that I am more Scots-Irish than anything, so it's not surprising that the Celts of Ireland look right. Beyond the physical resemblance, the Irish have a way of communicating by kidding that is very familiar and comfortable. Their first response in any encounter was often a joke, and they responded nimbly when answered in kind. I love people who'll kid with you. Someday, we'll have go to Ulster to see if the people there are not even more familiar.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Oh, my. I fear my tribe is such a bunch of mutts we resemble all and none at the same time. If I had to pick one, it would be either Austria (except for those who don't fit) or the Lombardy region of Italy (again, except for those who don't fit)....

Rumor has it our name is Italian, and on my father's side we have Italian and English by way of Mississippi. Yeah, don't ask. On my mother's side we are supposedly German and English via Texas.

Cool stuff, Mr. Loon. I spent nearly an hour on this site before I realized it, then paused to write this. Now I'm going "back in". Have a good one!

Kari said...

Alas, I didn't see my people anywhere. I'm wondering now where did I come from? All those hopes and dreams about having been adopted might be true, after all! xo

The Loon said...

Shug – Lots of Sicilians on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. They figure in a couple of Tennessee Williams plays. You look less Mediterranean than just about anybody I know. Looking at faces is fascinating. Sitting on the end stool in the bar, the restaurant seat by the window, the table by the sidewalk … it's always fun.
Kari – A fairy foundling maybe? Left on the doorstep by the Gypsies? I look at my kin and know they're blood.
I used to go look on a Mérida, Yuc., newspaper site that has lots of social photos, just to study on the faces.