Monday, February 8, 2010

Eases my mind

I'm not a real solid gummint hater. The gummint does a lot of things for me that I can't do for myself, and local-level govt is a real bargain, what's with roads and police and libraries and water and stuff like that. Notwithstanding, I find myself oddly cheered by the news that Washington, D.C., is totally shut down by snow. They won't be doing any mischief for a few days at least.
The SCOTUS made a bad ol decision with regards to corporation as person and in doing so went aginst the policy of stare decisis that says courts should leave alone past decisions. If corps are people, then let us invoke the death penalty for corps that are guilty of egregious sins against the public good.
A Brit columnist, Johann Hari, has some cogent thoughts on the subject:
None of the crises facing us all – from the global banking system to global warming – can be dealt with if a tiny number of super-rich corporations have a veto over every inch of progress. If Obama funks this challenge, he may as well put the US government on e-Bay – and sell it to the highest bidder. How would we spot the difference?

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chats said...

The Supremes are Bush's gift that keeps on giving... and giving... What? The oligarchs didn't have enough power? "Eat the rich, yum, yum."

Anonymous said...
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