Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cranks I can get

John Paul Roberts is a vintage right-winger, but a guy I sometimes find sympathetic.
Social Security, formerly an untouchable “third rail of politics,” is now “unsustainable,” while the real unsustainables--a pre-1929 unregulated financial system and open-ended multi-trillion dollar Global War Against Terror--are the new untouchables. This transformation signals the complete capture of American democracy by an oligarchy of special interests.

Read all here. I worry about Social Security. The gummint as presently constituted seems to need the money to siphon off for big banks and the likes of Goldman Sachs. I'm finding a blurring between what constitutes right and left in the U.S. today. It was Ron Paul who proposed letting the Wall Street bankers fail and said that we should just leave Iraq.

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