Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dog days of Feb

We took the nasty little rat dog in today to the vet's. He hadn't lost some of his milk teeth; when he snarled – not infrequent – he looked like a shark, what's with the extra teeth. He had three extracted, and it will no doubt improve his smile if not his disposition.
And, in the livingroom, herself is watching the Westminster Dog Show. I'd make some unkind observations about the Westminster. First, the little narratives about each breed must have been written by a press agent. It's a Lake Wobegon thing – they're all above average, intelligent, fiercely loyal, courageous, &c, &c. It always tickles me to see the dogs acting like dogs in the course of showing, wanting to stop and sniff, the game dogs jumping salty with each other. Makes one hope there's some genuine canine left in the poor, overbred beasts, and that they'd be happy to roll in dead hardhead catfish on the bayfront. The other observation I'd make is that most of the professional dog people are unattractive – many of the women dowdy or sour looking, the men prissy. I'm sorry. Like to hope that association with dogs would somehow improve our breed. Late news flash: The Scottie just won best in show. Wife is disappointed; she was cheering for the whippet. One of my all-time favorite stories was covering a border collie competition at Manor maybe 25 years ago. Border collies are simply amazing in their intelligence and focus.


Edith Ann said...

Too funny, Loon!

Tell Mrs. Loon that everyone knows a terrier breed ALWAYS wins the WDS. It's a terrier world; they just let us live here.

You are so right about the handlers. Could not describe them any better myself!

Truth Ferret said...

Hey, when the weather clears a bit and before it is a thousand degrees here, we should get together and bring our own four-legged family members. I would love to have pictures with them.

I do have to warn you all though, that my guy's parents were both purebreds. When I first saw him, I had visions of a tiny, long-haired Yorkie, perky ears and all. I knew that my dreams wouldn't be realized when our vet had to ask what breed he was suppose to be. How could he not realize the breed of my precious boy?

Oh, boy, now I know, because he is over twenty pounds and his ears never did perk. All that considered, he has the heart of a terrier, which makes for interesting encounters. Wouldn't trade him for all the teeny-tiny Yorkies in the world. Terriers go to ground in your heart and don't ever let go.

Pilot said...

My two best canine companions of all time were Border baby mixes......the first, a 1956 model named Butch, was my first dog. He knew me as Roy Rogers, John Wayne, Audie Murphy, and Mickey Mantle, among others. The next was my beloved and recently departed Maya. She could outrun me on my bicycle, and barring that, found a way to make sure I ended up in the DNF column(did not finish). When on road trips, she would, denied the opportunity to get out and herd cattle we passed on the road, shout instructions to them from the front seat of my pickup. Given the lack of livestock in our yard, she would occasionally keep her skills honed on whichever group of kids were at hand. Intelligence and focus.....no doubt. True human like care, concern, and affection also are traits they seem to have possessed......

The Loon said...

TF: A dogfest in the park or something?
Our crazy dog is apparently half heeler and constantly tries to herd whatever's around. Wish we had a job for her, as she needs wearing out.

Truth Ferret said...

The park sounds like a perfect place to picnic and bring the pooches. Let the grounds dry out a bit and the bluebonnets start their springtime appearance and count us in.

Maybe we can also have the awards ceremoney we have talked about, also.