Friday, February 5, 2010

Misremembering the Sixties

The Boomers and their worship of the Sixties can be remarkably grating. All the years I lived in Austin I listened to enough aging-out hipsters endlessly, tiresomely, rehashing the glory days. Apparently younger people are tired of listening to the recitations and have begun to suspect some of the stories. The Onion attributes the gaudier memories to Alzheimer's:
"I was washing dishes at Alice's Restaurant when Lt. William Calley ran in and shot Bobby McGee Kennedy right there in front of me," said 66-year-old Jacob Schwartz, a participant in the study who suffers from Alzheimer's. "It was the hottest Summer of Love on record, which was probably why all the blacks were playing in the fire hoses. They were having such a good time! We all were!"

Read it all here.


Edith Ann said...

High on my list of very favorite things to do in Austin besides staring at my precious grandson, is to visit the WhichWich on Parmer for the best hot sandwiches ever and to pick up a copy of The Onion. I usually laugh myself silly. They are so very clever.

For me, holding the paper in my hands, though, is so much better than reading online...I'm old school.

Pilot said...

Well, from one old storyteller to another, if you get my back, I got yours...... I do try to remember as best I can, when telling my stories, and I probably so far still, tell them the same as I have in he past, sans embellishments. I find the older I get, the more important that becomes, since some of my stories are re-runs to some people(an eye roll is a tipoff), I figure the least I can do is be consistent. For some of us now getting older there is a variable in there that our parents did not have - hallucinogen use. Makes me wonder what effect that will have on some of the standard pitfalls of an aging mind. I can already tell that there is no discernible effect on the aging joints(the ones in my bones).
And on that note, when someone tells a story about the psychedelic years and starts to brag of their sexual exploits, remind them that not only does acid rhyme with flaccid, but that is was in most cases, synonymous as well.

The Loon said...

The Onion's a hoot.
Pilot – An excessive devotion to fact and consistency should never interfere with a good story, and if you remember it another, better, way, then tell it in the improved form.