Sunday, June 1, 2008

War goes on

Nah, not the one in Iran. We seem to have adjusted to the idea that that war will last at least five more years and perhaps a hundred. I'm talking about the war in Cd. Juárez for control of the path for northbound drugs. From the World's Worst Newspaper, May 30:
This year's death count surpassed 400 this week, fueled by an ongoing war between drug traffickers from Juárez and Sinaloa.
From Thursday morning to Friday evening, there were at least 18 slayings, and unverified totals discussed among media outlets in Juárez and El Paso have put the total death count at more than 400.

Read the rest here. Eighteen corpses in a day and a half and nobody in the U.S. national media appears to have noticed the bloodshed, although the NYT did have a little piece on killings of police in Villa Ahumada, a small town south of Wazoo. Wonder why the lack of interest in what seems to be a good story? This is right across the street from an American city of three-quarters of million people.

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