Thursday, June 19, 2008

Left at loose ends

The little eMac woke up comatose Tuesday morning, leaving us essentially computerless for the last three days. We checked e-mails on the public terminals at the library, but what could one do when the pressing needs for connection arose? How do you Google Hope Savage if you can't get to Google? How to keep up with all the old friends around with quick e-mails during the day? The little Mac came home today, and life is already better.
The deadline for boats officially to finish the Water Safari was late yesterday morning. When we drove up Bay Avenue, there were a couple of forlorn and lonesome canoes parked by the flagpole and one table of people looking out across the water for their paddlers to appear. It was a rough year. My neighbor's son and grandson started out, but the youngster blew out a shoulder early on, so they had to scratch. Maybe next year.

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