Monday, June 16, 2008

Canoe race update

Last night after watching 'Becker' I walked down to the flagpole to see if any arrivals were imminent. Guy said the Mynars had been due in at 11 and should be in anytime; it was by then maybe 12:10. I didn't see any lights and didn't feel like hanging around, so I came on home. They came in at 12:34. This morning around 6:30 there were only two boats in, the Mynars and one of the Belize boats but not John Bugge's, per my wife. I walked down around 11 and shot one coming in and then after lunch we watched another come in. By around 1:30 there were only six canoes lined up. Most years there would be a dozen or more by this time on Monday. Low water and a rough bay have apparently impeded progress and the drop-out rate has been pretty high. The town is full of strangers, and I use the word advisedly ... some are very strange by the standards of **Adrift.
Late news: By ca. 6:45 there were only 11 boats down by the flagpole. Definitely the scantest number in our years here. Usually, by this time there would be dozens of canoes arrayed in order of finish.
Late late news: Fifteen boats in at 9:15 p.m., Monday.

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