Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Dems, again, still

Barack O has passed the necessary number of delegates to claim the Democratic nomination for president. The Clintonians appear to be unfazed by reality and plan to keep on picking at the kid, regardless of the effect on his campaign for the general. From Maureen Dowd:
And, even though Democrats were no longer listening, Hillary’s camp radiated the message that Obama was a sucker who had played by the rules on Florida and Michigan, and then reached an appeasing compromise, and that such a weak sister could never handle Putin or I’m-A-Dinner-Jacket.

Read the entire NYT column here.
Bill was, I think, the ablest manager to hold the presidential office in my lifetime. He tended to tiny details of policy and appointed mostly able people to administer his programs. W, on the other hand, has mostly appointed hopeless but loyal hacks who would serve his political ends. Nonetheless, I really, truly don't want to live through another Clinton reign, even with a Clinton as vice president, what's with all the drama and hankypanky and Bill's frantic need for constant attention and the contemptible whining they emit when thwarted. Even with the poor opinion of the general public toward Republican rule, the Dems can bumble around and lose this election to a man who intends to stay W's ill-chosen course. I wish there were a third party loose in this election that was more than a bad joke.

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