Monday, June 2, 2008

The Daily Double

Well, the Vicad hit the cliché double today with a lost-class-ring story and a big-zucchini story. The class-ring story had a lie/lay blunder that had us muttering darkly about the future of the country. They actually have video on the squash. A friend wrote, "so, the advo shot video of a big zucchini. i bet the plot is riveting, but i believe i'll pass, don't have time to get caught up in such emotional drama."
I think they've missed the big story. The cutline under the zucchini photo read, "Jack Dennis holds a 3 lb Zucchini that he plucked from his garden Wednesday morning. Measuring near 12" long, Dennis described the "Big Boy" as being nearly three times larger than a normal zucchini." If Dennis truly measures 12" long, as one would gather from the cutline, he's considerably smaller than the ordinary gardener. There's a story. As for vegetable video, you could better sit on the porch and watch the grass grow, or paint the bedroom and watch the paint dry, or watch golf.
World's best zucchini recipe, from, I think, Marcella Hazan: Cut the squash into matchstick pieces. Lay it out on a plate and salt it. After 15 or 20 minutes, pat it dry, shake it in seasoned flour, and fry it crisp in hot oil. Drain it on paper towel and put it in a bowl. With the side of your big knife, smash flat a clove or two of garlic and stick the smashed garlic down amongst the zukes. Sprinkle it all with red-wine vinegar. Beats the hell out of zucchini bread.

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