Tuesday, June 10, 2008

India report

and a lot of other places, too. The whole world's in tough shape for groceries. Thomas Friedman loves to write about how India is so great and is just gonna eat our lunch because they are better educated and harder working. The only thing they are is cheaper to hire. They can't even provide their own lunch. From The Independent of the UK:
... India has more than half of the world's hungriest people and its priority is to safeguard domestic supply. But it too has watched as the cost of food has soared, not just rice but cooking oil, pulses and even vegetables. India has this year forecast a record grain harvest but experts warned farm productivity will have to rise much faster if the nation is to feed its 1.1bn people and avoid a food security crisis. Around two-thirds of India's population are dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods but agriculture is growing much more slowly than the overall economy.

Read it all here. Those 1.1 billion folks have a few millions of people who are functioning in the world economy; the rest are still living a primitive existence on the ragged edge of survival.

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Sugar Magnolia said...

Say it with me, Mr. Loon: TOO MANY DAMN PEOPLE!