Saturday, June 19, 2010


Friend sends me this link to the 'most revealing pin-up calendar ever.' All is exposed.


Sugar Magnolia said...

Oh, my....and the most impressive thing is, there appears to be not a single implant in the bunch.

Truth Ferret said...

Do you think it's too late to order one of these for my back surgeron? He probably would love the straight forms.

Seriously, she is a young one isn't she, to be able to mold herself in such unique positions, while wearing spike high heels and a relaxed smile. She is smiling, isn't she?

Sugar Magnolia said...

All skeletons look like they're smiling, in that creepy-evil sort of way. I think she's probably more "pouty".

What's that saying - wearing nothing but a smile?

Truth Ferret said...

She is wearing a pair of very, high heels, Sugar. Don't know how she'd smile with those shoes, but then again, she's not standing, either.

Edith Ann said...

This is an absolute groaner!